How to Make The Most Of Your Stock Photos

In an age of stock photos, how do you capture the magic in a picture?

That’s the question that led photographer Justin Smith to start the #1 Instagram hashtag, and he’s been answering that question ever since.

Smith is a photographer, a freelancer, and a father of two.

In his free time, he likes to travel, and in the past he has made trips to the Bahamas and Iceland.

For his latest project, he decided to go all out and capture a family reunion.

He’s spent the past month photographing the members of the family that were part of his family’s holiday party.

Smith shared the photos in the hashtag, #familyreunion.

Smith was able to capture the family in all their beautiful and unique expressions.

The group of six kids, a family of four, all had a special bond that Smith felt was important.

The images were captured on a tripod in the middle of a beach.