How to save for the NBA Finals without paying the NBA’s $1.1 billion bill

You know you want to buy a brand new sports car, but you don’t know how much you’ll need until you’ve spent a few thousand dollars on it.

Thankfully, the NBA has released a nifty infographic that helps you make the most of the free time you’ll be saving.

You can use the league’s handy spreadsheet to determine the number of miles, the price of a new car, the number and type of tires you need, and much more.

You’ll be able to enter the total cost of your purchase and the total amount of miles spent on the car over the course of the season to see how much your money is actually saving.

If you’re a fan of the NBA, you’ll also want to know the average price per mile spent.

The league doesn’t include it in its data, but the data is available for every NBA team’s average price over the past two seasons.

If you’re looking for the average prices per mile for all teams, the numbers are as follows:Golden State Warriors: $21.83Portland Trail Blazers: $17.78Cleveland Cavaliers: $15.58Houston Rockets: $14.38New Orleans Pelicans: $13.25Los Angeles Clippers: $12.50Charlotte Hornets: $11.85Indiana Pacers: $10.91Miami Heat: $9.91Washington Wizards: $8.95San Antonio Spurs: $7.50Toronto Raptors: $6.85Oklahoma City Thunder: $5.85Dallas Mavericks: $4.75New Orleans Hornets: -$2.55Los Angeles Lakers: $2.05Memphis Grizzlies: -20.60Oklahoma State Cowboys: -18.20Golden State Lakers: -13.90Charlotte Bobcats: -10.40Dallas Mavericks -12.90Oklahoma Warriors: -12%Houston Rockets -18%Los Angeles Kings -23%Indiana Pacers -29%Boston Celtics -38%Memphis Jazz -45%Los Angelos Clippers -57%Philadelphia 76ers -64%San Antonio Kings -74%Dallas Mavericks 70%New Orleans Clippers 90%Houston Spurs 100%Atlanta Hawks -110%Memories of a sports car:NBA All-Star Weekend is here!

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