Apple Education Store launches new app with app store, photo gallery and photo sharing features

Apple has launched a new photo-sharing app for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that it hopes will draw more people into its apps.

The app, titled Apple Photo Gallery, lets users share photos of themselves and their pets, and then share a photo of themselves with others via Instagram or Facebook.

The new app is called Apple Photo, and it works in iOS 10 and higher.

Apple is working on a new version of its Photo app, which will have more than 50 features, such as a “look” option that lets users select from a range of photo-editing tools to add text to their photos.

The feature allows users to add captions to their photo and other information, like when a photo is taken or edited.

Apple has also introduced a new feature that lets the app track users’ location.

Apple says that users can upload and share their location information to Apple Maps for use with Apple Watch, which also lets users track their location with the Apple Watch app.

Users can also customize their app’s look to reflect their interests, including a photo album that shows images of cats, dogs, birds and animals, and a list of people who have visited their locations.

Users also have access to a new section in the Photos app, called the “My Stuff” area, which lets users view the most recent photos from their Photo Gallery.

The Apple Photo app is also now available for iPhone and iPad, but it will be limited to the iOS 10 update.

The launch of Apple Photo and Apple’s Photos app comes at a time when Apple is trying to sell its photo products more broadly.

The company recently unveiled its new line of iPhone cameras and its new “Snap” photo-taking app, both of which have a feature that allows users capture an image and share it with their friends, a feature it hopes can attract more people to its products.

Apple’s new Photos app offers an option to save an image, and when the user selects that option, they’ll be taken to a gallery of photos taken from their Photos app.

When they tap the option to take a photo, Apple’s app lets them select an image of themselves.

Apple also announced earlier this month that it will launch a new app for its music and video app, Music, on Friday.

It will be available in both the App Store and Google Play, which means it will compete with Apple Music on the iPhone.