How the new ‘Taste of China’ will change the way we eat in China

“Taste” is the Chinese word for food.

It means a lot of different things to different people, but in general, Chinese people think of it as a way of making a meal taste good.

So how can a new food concept that is supposed to be a gateway to a new country change the whole way that Chinese people perceive food?

The new Tastemakers is an app that can bring together all the different kinds of Chinese food, from street food to cuisines like steamed rice and chicken, to create a meal that is easy to consume.

We spoke to Michael Hu, a food scientist who developed the app and who helped to develop the idea, to learn more about the concept.

The Tastemaker app was inspired by a Chinese restaurant called the Tianyuan, a little Chinese restaurant that is open to the public for the past 25 years.

Tastemeakers is meant to be an app where you can create your own dishes, pick up the recipe, and share it with your friends.

But that’s not all.

The app is also designed to help Chinese consumers get the best of both worlds.

You can find out more about it at the Tastemonk website.

The new Tasting app is intended to give people the opportunity to discover and discover something new every time they go to a restaurant.

But the app is meant also to bring Chinese consumers together with the world at large.

And that’s exactly what the Tasting service will do.

The app has been developed by a team of six Chinese scientists.

The team is led by Hu Yongfu, who is a food technologist at Peking University, and includes Yu Chen, a senior research scientist at Panyu Technology, and Xu Jun, a professor of food science at PANYU.

The Chinese government has been funding Tastemanas since 2015, with the aim of making the app as popular as it can be.

But in order to be able to scale up and to give the app more users, it needed to be more transparent about the app’s purpose.

So we made it public.

And in order for us to be open about the project, we had to make a few compromises.

The first thing that the team did was to make the app very simple.

They took the food technology that they use to cook meals and used it to develop a digital food system.

They also took the Chinese version of the Google Play store, which is basically the app store that most people use, and used that to build the app.

In addition, they made the app open source.

Tastemasters is also meant to bring people together with other Chinese food consumers, who are in the process of learning to cook their own dishes.

They are also aiming to be as easy to use as possible.

The apps will be available to everyone, but they will be the first app to be available for both Android and iOS devices.

And it is intended for the Chinese consumer who is looking for a new way to explore Chinese food and taste a variety of cuisine options.

The goal is that you can come to a Chinese city and be able taste the same dishes you’ve never tasted before, so that you will not need to ask for recommendations.

We’ve made the goal to be easy to navigate, and that is the core of what the app aims to do.

We hope that by using the Taste of Chinese app, we will help Chinese people learn more and have more fun.

And the more Chinese people know about TastEMasters, the more they will want to explore and experience the different cuisinaes in China.