The Worst Way to Get Back at Your Mother

The worst way to get back at your mother is to kill her.

It’s that simple.

The best way to do it is to get her pregnant and then kill her with a gun. 

The woman’s lawyer has filed a petition in the Michigan Supreme Court to overturn a judge’s ruling that would have allowed the mother of four to kill the woman’s daughter for her abortion.

The petition asks the court to uphold a lower court ruling that allowed the woman to kill a second child she had with her father.

The woman’s lawyers say the lower court’s decision was made based on an incorrect interpretation of Michigan’s law that allows pregnant women to use lethal force against an unborn child.

“In Michigan, an unborn baby is a person,” said Jennifer Mott, the woman and her attorney, in a statement released Wednesday.

“If a mother kills her child, it is murder.


No exceptions.”

The petition also asks that the court reverse the judge’s order to allow the mother to kill “the unborn child.”

The woman has already been charged with killing her daughter in the past.

She was charged with first-degree murder after the woman killed her son and her daughter.

She pleaded guilty in November to first- and second-degree felony counts of murder and aggravated child abuse.

Mott said she was not involved in the woman being charged with murder.

Mudda Jha, the Michigan attorney representing the woman, said in a written statement that the woman has an abortion, which she performed in Michigan on March 13, 2018.

She has not been charged in the second child’s death, she said.

“We expect that she will plead not guilty,” Jha said. 

It’s a crime to kill an unborn infant, which means she would have to prove to a judge that the mother intended to kill, not just the fetus.

“That’s why the defendant will plead guilty,” Mott told the Detroit News.

The judge who struck down the earlier order said it was a “misapplied and arbitrary interpretation of the statute” and the woman would have a “viable unborn child” if she was convicted of first- or second-year murder.

The case is currently before the Michigan Court of Appeals.

The mother of two had an abortion in 2016, after a miscarriage.

Mutha Jhar, the mother’s lawyer, said she had a miscarriage on her own and didn’t want to take any chances.

Muttan Jhar told the news outlet he was not surprised by the petition, but believed the court would overturn the judge.

“They’re trying to get a good outcome for the victim,” he said.