Lego store opens in Japan

Lego store in Tokyo is now opening in Japanese.

The store, which opened on March 8, features a full-size Lego building.

The building features a lot of details and features a model of the Lego model which is also used for the store.

It has a model car and a miniature space ship.

The store is located in the mall of Ikebukuro, the largest shopping district in Tokyo.

The shop has a Lego set of 3,500 pieces, which is sold for 5,000 yen ($62).

The store will offer the Lego products on a variety of products such as toys, furniture, clothing, food, jewelry, and even games.

Lego stores are already being built in Japan.

In addition to Lego stores, the Lego store is also open in Singapore, where the company is planning to open another store in 2019.