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The paper store is a common sight in the suburb of Woodland Hills in southern California, and it’s often crowded with people from the suburbs and the surrounding area.

But on Sunday morning, it was closed due to what’s called an “incident.”

It’s been a busy Sunday, said Mike Hulter, a local business owner who has owned the paper store for 20 years.

We were just about to open, and I heard this noise and I saw the smoke and I thought ‘oh my gosh, I have a bad smell.’

I started screaming and people came out and were trying to clean the place, Hultter said.

I was trying to figure out if I was going to have to go to work or if I could go to the grocery store.

“A few hours later, a few people showed up at the store, who told us that they were going to pick up their paychecks for the day.

We had no idea where the noise was coming from and we were looking around the corner for an exit, Hultter said, and there was nothing but smoke.

It took about an hour to get all the employees out of the store and get them out of there, and we are now waiting for the smoke to clear.

We are just waiting for someone to call 911.

It’s one of the largest paper stores in the area, Hulett said.

The smoke that has been coming from the paper shop is a bit of a mystery, he said.

There was no sign posted outside saying there was a problem with the fire, Hulser said.

It was just an accident that someone spilled gasoline in the store.

The paper store had no signs posted or posted about the fire saying ‘closed.’

It just happened,” Hulber said.

We just hope that someone comes and gives us a phone number so we can call them, he added.