The best places to shop in the UK

The UK’s largest online retailer, eBay, has revealed its UK stores are selling its top-selling goods in the country, with a range of products including jewellery and shoes.

It also revealed its best-sellers in each of the major UK cities, with London and Manchester the best-performing.

EBay said it has sold over 6.5 million products on its site since the start of the year.

The retailer said sales of its top selling items in Britain totalled £1.7bn last year, including items such as designer clothes, home furnishings, footwear and more.

In the UK, the retailer said it sold £3.1bn worth of goods last year.

Last year, it sold over 5.5m items on its website.

It said its sales have been driven by the launch of a range that has sold more than 1 million items in less than a month.

However, the online retailer has struggled to keep up with demand for its best selling products, as well as the likes of Apple, Nike and Sony.

Last week, the retail giant said it had lost £2.5bn in the year to May.

Earlier this month, the company said it was cutting 200 jobs as part of a restructuring plan to make it more profitable.

“The company has made significant strides to deliver on its plans to grow its business and grow its sales through better execution and a faster turnaround,” the company added.

“However, we must continue to take bold action to continue to deliver value for our customers and shareholders.”