Which book store will be the next to be closed in Ireland?

RTE’s Matt O’Connell has reported that the Cork City Bookstore has decided to close in a move that has shocked the city.

According to a statement on the CorkCityBookstore website, the company is “committed to supporting the community” and has decided that it is “time to sell”.

In a statement to TheJournal.ie, the CorkBookstore said it was “devastated” and that the decision “is not a reflection of the customer experience at the store”.

“The CorkCity Bookstore is committed to supporting community members in their endeavours to be a welcoming and supportive environment and this decision has been taken without consultation,” it said.

“The decision is not a reflective of the behaviour of our customers, the customer service, or the customer-support.”

The statement continued: “We have worked with our customer-service team to ensure that this will not occur again and we will be taking further steps to ensure our customer experience continues to be supportive of the community.”

The decision comes after Cork’s City Council voted in favour of the closure of the business on October 15.

According in a statement posted on the council’s website, “corkcityBookstore has been a long-standing partner of Cork City Council in supporting the local community in their endeavour to be an open, inclusive and safe place to live and work.”

“In its role as a non-profit corporation, CorkCity will continue to be focused on serving its community,” it added.

The closure of CorkCity has left the local branch of the Irish Times with a vacancy of 1,200 jobs.

Meanwhile, the website of the Cork Business Association has posted an open letter to customers.

The letter, which has been signed by a number of Cork business owners, read: “The Cork CityBookstore was the first Irish-language business to open in Cork, which is a small but vibrant city in the centre of Ireland.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the future.”

The letter went on to state that the closure was “not a reflection” of the store’s “customer-service” and said that the shop was “dedicated to helping Cork City, the surrounding area and Cork County”.

The letter also said that a new Cork City business was currently opening in Cork.