How to save money at the grocery store

A home-style grocery store in Tel Aviv may not be in the best position to offer shoppers discounted prices, but it’s not hard to find a store offering a range of products, all of them fresh and made by Israeli-American suppliers. 

This is not just a matter of price.

Home-style groceries are an essential part of the Israeli economy and offer consumers the ability to shop for products that are locally sourced and manufactured.

In the case of the Goodwill store in the heart of Tel Aviv, which has long been a staple for Israeli consumers, the store offers a wide range of goods, from organic olive oil to organic meat to freshly-picked fruits and vegetables.

It also sells some of the largest-volume kosher food products in the country, including sausages, meats, cheese, and meatballs, as well as kosher and halal food products, including fresh and frozen produce. 

The store is a model of what is possible when it comes to the Israeli grocery industry, said Amnon Dror, director of Israel’s Center for Sustainable Food Systems.

“It shows how a small business can grow and flourish when the state supports it,” he said.

Goodwill is an Israeli company, and the store has been in operation for 30 years.

Its Israeli-owned brand Goodwill is a staple of Israeli supermarkets, selling about 15 percent of the country’s total grocery sales.

However, the business is struggling to survive and has been selling at a loss since its opening in the summer of 2016.

Israel is in a recession, and as a result, it has lost about 80,000 jobs since 2014.

The local economy is also suffering.

According to the Israel Labor Ministry, about one in five Israelis are currently unemployed, which is the highest rate in the Middle East.

A number of local business owners have started to close shop, citing high unemployment and financial difficulties. 

A lot of the stores have closed, including Goodwill, which closed its doors in September of 2016 after its opening.

 “I am not able to pay the rent and utilities,” said Shaul Shevchenko, a store manager at the store.

“I have a mortgage, but I have no other options.”

 The Goodwill team has been trying to open a new store for at least a year.

Its owners are now in negotiations with an Israeli investor to buy the property.

According to the Goodwills website, it sells goods like organic and kosher products, and is an ideal choice for consumers seeking a wide selection of products.

Its online store is popular with Israelis, with about 1.7 million shoppers visiting the site every day. 

This is a small, independent shop, but the success of the store shows that Israel can thrive as a small and independent market, said Dror.

“Israel has the potential to become a leader in this field,” he added.

The company is currently in talks with an investment group to help it open another store, and to expand its sales into new markets.

This article originally appeared at Al Jazeera.