Hockey player’s online store goes online for the first time

A hockey player’s new online store is the first to open for business in Canada, and the company hopes to help players, trainers and trainers’ families navigate the complex world of online stores.

The online store, which is being run by the Vancouver Canucks, offers the player’s name, phone number and address, along with a video chat with players and other team officials, to make purchases online.

It is the culmination of a six-month process for the Canucks, who have been exploring how to grow the business in their hometown and find a way to compete with other online stores in Canada.

They’ve also spent a lot of time on social media and through social media, and now are launching their website and app, which will allow people to purchase their gear directly from the website.

Players who sign up for the service will have access to the player names, phone numbers and address and can log in with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

They will also have access, through their website, to the team store where the player stores his gear.

Players will have the option to view all their gear on the Canucks’ site, which can be accessed from the home page of the team, as well as on the team’s website.

The store will be able to sell merchandise on its own website, which has been expanded to include team merchandise, merchandise from other Canucks teams and items from other online retailers.

“It’s been a very, very long journey for me, the whole journey, and I think it’s really important that this is the beginning of something bigger,” said Joe Cannella, a former Canucks’ player who now runs a social media marketing company called Blue & Gold Social.

The Vancouver Canucks have had several online stores and apps for sale in the past, including the Vancouver Whitecaps’ mobile app.

But it wasn’t until the Canucks started exploring how they might be able get more players online, that the company got the idea to open a storefront.

The Canucks are the only team in North America to operate a sports apparel and merchandise store, and Cannella said they were able to raise $1 million to make the launch happen.

“When you’re talking about a $1.5 million investment, it’s quite a feat, especially when you’re not sure how it will actually go,” Cannella told the Vancouver Sun.

“We were looking at the possibility of the Vancouver team building a sports store, but the idea just kind of jumped off the page.”

In an interview with CBC News, Cannella suggested that his company would be open to selling the business on the open market, or in Canada at least.

He noted that there were some people who had inquired about the business, and said they weren’t interested.

“The main thing is to bring in as many people as possible and make it as seamless as possible,” Cannell said.

“That’s what we want.”

The Vancouver website will allow fans to purchase gear, including goalie masks, gear for the team and more.

Cannella said that his team will be looking to make sure that the business can continue to grow.

He said that he was hoping to have the business up and running by the end of February, but that the Canucks would like to keep it open for a while longer.

“We’re really looking forward to having it open as soon as we can,” Cannello said.