Which grocery stores stock the best Lego store?

The makers of the popular Lego brick have revealed their top 10 best-selling LEGO stores in the U.S. as the industry heads into the holidays.

Lego’s Brick City in downtown San Francisco, which sells more than 4 million bricks a day, ranked first with 1.5 million bricks sold, followed by New York’s Millennium in the second spot with 1 million bricks.

The stores in Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia are next with 1,500, 700 and 550 bricks, respectively.

The top-selling brick is also a rarity for the Lego company, which was founded in 2001 by the children of British entrepreneur Richard Branson.

Last year, Lego reported sales of nearly $1 billion.

In 2014, the company launched its new line of $99, $149, and $249 sets that include a new minifigure called Woody the Woody, an animated character who has an anthropomorphic nose and ears.

The set is now available on Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers.

The new figures are available to preorder on Lego’s website for $79.99 each.

The sets come with their own brick and playmat, but they can be preordered separately from the set, according to Lego.com.

The most popular store is also the most expensive, according the company.

The $299 Brick City, a brick-and-mortar retail chain in New York, tops the list at $9,699.

That’s almost half of the $49,999 price of the top-ranking Brick City brick, which is a minifigures Woody the Rocketeer.

The top-ranked brick in the city is $59,999.

“With the new sets, the Brick City store is more affordable, offering more choices than ever,” said Doug Beers, Lego’s chief marketing officer.

“With an increasing number of customers choosing to shop online, the price per brick is more accessible to all customers.”

The Brick City Brick City also includes a new set of toys, a new line for a new video game, and the Brick Train, a Lego themed rail service that’s set to begin service this fall.

The train will be available at most brick-retailers.

“This year, the most popular brick in our market is the $99 Brick City,” said Michael Boczner, Lego executive vice president of merchandising.

“The Brick Train is the best-sellers brick in every market in the world, and we are excited to offer customers the opportunity to ride it on the train.

The new Toy Box sets have become the top sellers of all brick and are a great way to start the holiday shopping season.”

The other popular brick is the Millennium Brick City , which is available in all major brick-Retailer stores and online.

The Millennium Brick is available at many brick-store chains, including the Walgreens at Target, Walmart at Sam’s Club, Target at Best Buy, Costco at BestBuy, and Walmart at the Costco at Walmart.

The Lego Millennium is available online at Amazon.com and at Walmart and Best Buy.