How to get the perfect Mexican App Store icon

The new App Store icons are here and the first one is for Aldi, which has a growing market of Mexican consumers looking for convenience and low prices.

It will be up to the retailer to convince its loyal customers that the App Store has what they’re looking for, a spokesman for Aldis said.

The new icons, which are a mix of the company’s familiar icon and brand new look, will debut on the new iOS 9.4 store in a few weeks.

The icons will have a simple layout with a green icon, an arrow and a yellow circle.

They will also feature a smaller version of the familiar icon with a black border and a red “X.”

The new icons will be available to developers, but not users.

It will be a two-step process, said the spokesman.

First, the developer has to submit a mock-up that shows the store with the new icon.

Then, the AppStore team looks at the mock-ups and then, based on the final mock-Up, determines whether it fits the design guidelines.

The Aldi store logo is on the left, and the App store icon is on a different device. 

For now, there are no plans for a global release of the icons.

The new AppStore icons are designed to appeal to a younger demographic than the previous icon, which was a mix between a red and white background and a circular “X” at the top of the icon.

The red background is to show the size of the store and the circular X, or the “X,” is to make it easier to read.

The company has been steadily building up its AppStore presence in Mexico, and this is the first time it will be on the international market, said aldis spokesperson Pablo Aragón.

It also represents a move by Aldi to be part of the international App Store ecosystem.

The App Store is one of the largest digital retail outlets in the world.

It has more than 1,400 stores and more than 7,000 app stores worldwide.

It is expected to be a strong market for AldI, which is based in Mexico City.

The app store has long been used by people in the United States, but it is getting more mainstream attention in Latin America.

The store is also a source of inspiration for Apple products.