What you need to know about a new wave of furniture store locators

As consumers continue to use their mobile devices to shop online, some retailers are making strides to provide better customer service.

And one of the biggest trends is the use of new retail locators to find and book new and used furniture stores.

But these retailers are not only relying on the services of people like you.

Some are even putting their own people in the middle.

For example, a local television station in Florida was the first in the country to use the company SmartFind to find used furniture and get a heads-up about a retailer’s availability.

And the Chicago Tribune reported in November that a New York City company called HomeDepot has also been using smart locators for more than a year to help its customers find the right home.

A spokeswoman for HomeDepots, Julie Parnell, told us that the company does not use smart locator technology.

Instead, it relies on its own algorithms and information from retailers and the Internet.

We do not use any tracking technology, she said.

But a spokesperson for SmartFind told us it was the “first” retailer to use a new locator called SmartFind and that it has used the technology for more information than any other company.

It’s a big jump from the last time we heard of SmartFind, but the company has been using it since last year.

In the last several months, it has expanded its smart locater service to include more than 10,000 retailers in 30 countries, including a major U.S. retailer, Sears Holdings Corp. That includes Target Corp. and Sears Holdings’ home goods subsidiary.

The service has been a boon for some of the companies that rely on it.

In March, a New Hampshire woman who said she had lost her job after losing her home to foreclosure bought a home in a mall, which she then renovated.

She now pays more for her home than she does for her house.

The company says its service is helping people “find the right product for the right price and in the right location.”

It also has become a convenient way for consumers to get in touch with people who work in retail and the rest of the furniture industry, which makes it easier to find new jobs.

For example, Parnes said she recently had a job at a new Sears store in Massachusetts, but she was working at HomeDepota to help her find a new job at the store.

When I’m at home and I need help finding a new place, I’m using SmartFind,” Parnells said.