Google’s search giant aims to open up its Android mobile app store to Chinese shoppers

The Google-owned hardware and software giant has announced plans to open its Android software and hardware store to more Chinese smartphone and tablet shoppers.

The search giant has long been open to making inroads in Asia as part of its broader push to tap into consumer demand for tech and services.

The news follows on the heels of Google’s announcement of its Android app store in China and an announcement earlier this week that it would open its Chinese Android store to Apple and Amazon in January 2019.

The launch of the China-only Google store comes as Google seeks to improve its global presence.

Google is working with a number of Chinese companies, including Baidu, Xiaomi and Huawei, to create an Android app for Chinese consumers.

The company has long enjoyed a strong relationship with Chinese tech companies, which it uses to sell its Android-based devices in China.

Google has also established a network of Chinese hardware dealers that are also part of Google.

In the US, Google also operates its own Android app stores for other Android devices.

In 2018, Google bought Google Play Music for $3.1 billion, a deal that also saw the company open up the platform to music streaming services such as Spotify.