Which kitchen supplies should you buy to cook for a family in the middle of a drought?

This article is about the kitchen supplies you should buy to survive in the coming drought.

The situation has gotten worse in the past few months, with the dry weather worsening and a shortage of water sources.

Dry weather is not the only problem facing many in the country, with water scarcity and the lack of food increasing the risk of disease.

The National Food Security and Food Security Commission of India (NFSIC) estimates that the number of people with diarrhoea and other infectious diseases in India is at an all-time high.

Water shortages are also a concern for those in the rural areas of the country who cannot afford to buy food. 

The government has announced that it will spend $300 million in the next five years to tackle the problem.

The country has one of the worst water shortages in the world.

It’s estimated that only two percent of the total water in the Indian rivers is used for irrigation.

It’s also estimated that a quarter of the entire water table in the northern state of Punjab is polluted, and that it is the second worst state in the whole country for water quality.

As a result, nearly two billion people are currently without enough food to survive.

But India has also set up the World Food Programme to help farmers and their families.

In addition to water, they also need sanitation and other supplies like hygiene kits.

In 2017, the World Bank estimated that India needs at least $8.8 billion for its food security needs.

India has the second-highest water consumption per capita in the subcontinent, behind the US. 

While India has had a drought since the start of this year, the country’s food production is actually higher than its population.

In fact, India produces almost twice as much food per person as the US, according to a study released by the University of Oxford.