Nintendo Store: ‘You’ve Got to Buy It’ on Steam Now!

Apple’s retail division has been hit hard by a wave of ransomware attacks targeting the store.

This week, Apple Store CEO Tony Fadell announced that customers can now get in-store upgrades and discounts through Steam.

The move comes as a result of a series of ransomware campaigns that began last month, when several organizations broke into the network and stole customer credit card information.

According to a report by the Los Angeles Times, the ransomware was distributed through the “Ransomware Chronicles” app, which also allows users to log in and download files from an unknown location.

The app allowed users to purchase items from Apple stores using stolen credit card numbers, the report said.

The “Rocker Box” app on the Apple Store app store also contained malware.

Apple said it has shut down the “Rocket Box” malware on Tuesday, and it is not clear if the malware was still on the store or not.

The company said that it will be offering a number of fixes to help restore customers’ confidence.

Apple also announced that it is “working with law enforcement and our customers to help protect our customers and their information.”

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