Which stores have the best deals?

Recode is reporting that gun stores like Walmart and Target are offering discounts on guns that can be used in some of the country’s most dangerous locations, including in high-crime areas like the United States’ inner cities.

But the stores don’t necessarily want you to buy those guns, according to Recode.

“It doesn’t make sense for us to go in to a store and say, ‘I want you guys to give me this firearm for $100, which is a firearm that has been involved in an act of terrorism,'” said Walmart spokesman Joe Curio.

“We think it’s a very important issue, and we want to encourage our customers to go to Walmart and have that conversation.”

While the gun stores do not disclose exactly how many guns they have sold, they say that they have seen a dramatic increase in demand for guns in the past few months.

Gun-rights advocates are quick to point out that gun sales are actually up significantly this year, and that the number of guns sold in 2016 was up over 7 percent compared to the same year a year earlier.

In fact, there were just 5.9 million firearms sold in the United State in 2016, up from 5.4 million in 2015.

But Gun Owners of America, the NRA’s lobbying arm, argues that the NRA doesn’t actually have a lot of clout with gun retailers because it doesn’t have the influence it once did.

“There is a lot more NRA influence in the gun industry than it has ever had, and if you go back in history, we haven’t had an NRA-dominated gun industry,” NRA spokeswoman Amanda Phillips told Recode, referring to the group that represents gun manufacturers.

“The NRA’s power is waning in the marketplace.”

The NRA is also working to make it harder for gun sellers to compete in the online marketplace.

In April, it launched a program called #BuyAGun that lets gun dealers advertise their inventory at a discount to buyers of gun-related products like rifles, handguns and shotguns.

But in a separate move, the gun-rights group also recently proposed a bill that would require online retailers to allow gun owners to “order a gun online from the store in person.”